KYC verification steps
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Steps for KYC account verification

Note: For information on KYC verification and document requirements, please read Account Verification / KYC.

How to open a Stably Ramp account and go through the KYC account verification onboarding steps for individuals

  • After entering the verification code to log into your Stably Ramp account, you will select an account type as an individual or business.

  • Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • For both desktop & mobile devices - Once you click Get started, a new window will open to start your KYC verification process. (DO NOT CLOSE YOUR STABLY RAMP BROWSER)

  • Click Begin verifying

  • Use the drop-down to select your country.

  • Select a form of ID that you will submit for KYC verification.

  • You will have to upload a photo from your computer or click on Continue on another device to continue on your mobile device to use the camera to capture a photo of your ID.

  • (Continue on another device) - You can either scan the QR code or Send SMS or Email for a continuation link.

  • Take a photo of your ID and click "Use this photo".

  • Your details will be auto-filled in. Please check the information to make sure it is correct, adjust as necessary, and fill in the remaining.

  • Your KYC account verification has been submitted.

  • If you go back to your Stably Ramp window, you will see it says your verification is in progress.

Most accounts are automatically verified within seconds.

Some accounts may need additional documents for verification. If your Stably Ramp KYC has been on pending status for more than 48 hours, please get in touch with our support team.


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