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What is CUSD (CUSD)?
What is CUSD (CUSD)?
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CUSD (symbol: CUSD) is a fully-backed stablecoin created by Stably in collaboration with the Coin98 team. The collateral of CUSD is held in liquid USD-denominated assets—including bank deposits, money market instruments, and USDC—by a designated trustee for the benefit of CUSD token holders. Every CUSD token can be minted or redeemed 1-to-1 with USD or USDC (minus fees) by users who are KYC-verified by Stably.

Administered by Stably’s Wyoming-based registered money service business subsidiary, CUSD is issued natively on the Viction network (formerly TomoChain) in compliance with FinCEN’s convertible virtual currency guidance (FIN-2019-G001), including BSA/AML regulations and OFAC sanctions. Additionally, periodic attestations will be performed by an independent attestor to verify that every CUSD token in circulation is backed 1-to-1 with collateral (more information).

How to Mint & Redeem CUSD

Individual and business users worldwide can now onboard from 170+ countries/regions to mint/redeem CUSD on Viction through a variety of payment methods such as ACH, Fedwire, Visa, and Mastercard, plus other popular stablecoins on major networks (e.g., USDC). All of this is accessible through Stably Ramp, a powerful on/off-ramp widget that can also be embedded into third-party applications such as Web3 wallets and DeFi protocols. Through Stably Ramp, users can easily buy, sell, or swap digital assets, including CUSD, using stablecoin and fiat payments for as low as 0% in transaction fees.

  • STEP 1: Navigate to, click on the "☰" icon, then click on "Login/Signup"

  • STEP 2: Log in with your credentials or open a new account

  • STEP 3: Once logged in, you can now place an order to mint, redeem, or swap CUSD

    • Mint (buy) with fiat: Click here for instructions

    • Redeem (sell) with fiat: Click here for instructions

    • Swap with other digital assets: Click here for instructions

To learn more about Stably, visit our website.

RISK DISCLAIMER: Digital assets involve significant risks, including (but not limited to) market volatility, cybercrime, regulatory changes, and technological challenges. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Digital assets are not insured by any government agency and holding digital assets could result in loss of value, including principal. Stablecoins (e.g., USDS) and bridged assets (e.g., BTCS) involve additional risks, such as technical challenges, security vulnerabilities, reliance on third-party custodians, and dislocation of market prices relative to the underlying collaterals. Please conduct your own thorough research and understand potential risks before purchasing/holding digital assets. Nothing herein shall be considered legal or financial advice. For more information about the risks and considerations when using our services, please view our full disclaimer.

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