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Buying Digital (Crypto) Assets
How to buy stablecoins or other digital (crypto) assets
How to buy stablecoins or other digital (crypto) assets
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How to buy stablecoins or other digital (crypto) assets with Stably Ramp

As a verified user, you can buy stablecoins and other crypto (digital) assets, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are logged into your Stably Ramp account.

  • Make sure you have the Buy option selected up top.

  • In the From section, input the amount you want to buy and select your Payment method by clicking the button with the dropdown symbol.
    (You can currently choose either ACH push bank transfer or US wire transfer as your payment method. More options will be coming soon.)

  • Next, you will select the asset & network.

    • In the To section, click the button with the dropdown symbol select the network, and select the asset you want to buy.

  • Paste your wallet address to which you want the digital (crypto) asset to be sent to.

  • You can review the Summary section and click Proceed.

  • Review your order summary in detail, to proceed click Confirm.
    *Please double-check the selected network, asset, and your wallet address before hitting Confirm because all blockchain-based transactions are final and irreversible.

  • You will be presented with instructions to complete your transaction.

  • Once you have completed your steps for your transaction, you can check your transaction history for the status.

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