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KYB verification requirements
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Account verification / know your business (KYB)

What information is needed for the KYB process?

Acceptable documentation may include:

  • Working Agreement

  • Articles of Association

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Certificate of Formation

  • Certificate of Good Standing, Bylaws

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Share Registry

The submitted document(s) shall demonstrate your entity's legal name, the company registration or ID number, and the list of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) showing the percentage of shares they hold.

Beneficial ownership

  • There must be at least one individual who demonstrates ownership and control of the entity.

  • Beneficial owners that own 25% or more of the entity must be listed on the document and go through the individual KYC verification with their ID documents.

  • If the document provided lists the amount of shares each beneficial owner holds, the total amount of shares must be listed as well.

  • If the entity is owned by a sole member, documentation must demonstrate that the sole member owns 100% of the entity.

  • Non-official documents must be on company letterhead.

Can I upload documents in languages other than English?

To verify your Stably Ramp account, we need to have all documents submitted in English for Bridge and our compliance team to review. If you do not have these documents in English, please provide a translated and certified/notarized copy for account verification.

What happens when my account does not pass KYB verification?

Unfortunately, if your account does not pass verification (denied KYB), we cannot open an account for you for reasons we cannot disclose. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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