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How to buy using US wire transfer (demo)
How to buy using US wire transfer (demo)
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How to buy stablecoins or other digital (crypto) assets using a US wire transfer on Stably Ramp

πŸ€“ Try this step-by-step demo tutorial on how to buy digital assets using a debit/credit card:

As a verified user, you can buy stablecoins and other crypto (digital) assets, follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are logged into your Stably Ramp account.

  • Make sure you have the Buy option selected up top.

  • In the From section, input the amount you want to buy and select your Payment method by clicking the button with the dropdown symbol, then select US wire transfer.

  • Next, you will select the asset & network. In the To section, click the button with the dropdown symbol:

    • Select network.

    • Select asset.

  • Click Proceed.

  • Next, you will need to connect your wallet. Two options:

    • Click Connect your wallet and a new window will pop open to connect your wallet.

    • Or paste your wallet address.

  • Once you have your wallet connected, click Proceed.

  • Confirming deposit:

    • If you choose US wire transfer, you can find the following instructions to transfer your deposit.

  • Once you have completed your steps for your transaction, you can check your transaction history for the status.

To learn more about Stably, visit our website.

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