How to sell (demo)
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How to sell stablecoins or other digital (crypto) assets

🤓 Try this step-by-step demo tutorial on how to buy digital assets using a debit/credit card:

As a verified user, you can sell stablecoins and other crypto (digital) assets. Follow the steps below:

  • Make sure you are logged into your Stably Ramp account.

  • Make sure you have the Sell option selected up top.

  • In the From section, input the amount you want to sell and select your asset by clicking the button with the dropdown symbol.

  • In the To section, select your method by clicking the dropdown and click Proceed.

  • In the Order summary, please check your transaction details including the Payment method to receive your funds. If you would like to change the bank account, click on the arrow to select a different one.

Note: if you have not added a bank account, check out Adding a bank account.

  • If all details in the Order summary, including your selling amount, network, fees, and payment method, are correct, click Confirm.

  • In Confirming deposit, you will find the deposit instructions, including a wallet address and memo (if applicable) to complete your sale.

  • From your wallet app, you may paste the wallet address in the text box or scan the QR code to transfer the exact amount of the asset you are selling.

Note: You must enter the exact amount and include the provided memo where applicable.


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