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What is Stably?

Stably is a venture-backed FinTech from Seattle, Washington. We provide regulatory compliant stablecoin infrastructure and multichain fiat on/off-ramps for emerging blockchains, Web3 wallets and applications, enabling their users in 200+ countries/regions to easily buy/sell stablecoins and digital assets at competitive rates across 30+ protocols using traditional payments like bank transfer and card.

Our mission is to power the next billion Web3 users with a faster, cheaper, and secure fiat <> crypto gateway to all popular blockchains and digital assets.

Is Stably Regulated?

Stably, through our wholly-owned subsidiary, is a FinCEN-registered money service business (MSB) in the US with registration number 31000251219597. We also work with regulated partners to provide services to our users compliantly. Stably’s MSB and our regulated partner follow all relevant laws, including Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. We reserve the right to refuse service to certain persons/entities in order to comply with any applicable regulations and law enforcement requests.

Who is your regulated partner?

Stably works with Bridge.xyz, a US-based registered MSB that provides fiat and stablecoin orchestration via API for institutions, enterprises, payment companies, fintechs, and crypto businesses.

Bridge.xyz may provide various services to Stably and our users, including (but not limited to): KYC/KYB onboarding, funds processing, transaction monitoring, custody, virtual currency exchange, and convertible virtual currency administration.

Do you have control of user funds?

Unlike centralized exchanges that have complete control over user funds, Stably Ramp is a non-custodial fiat on/off-ramp for digital assets. This means we settle all purchased assets directly to your personal wallet once the transaction is complete. We only have control of your digital assets briefly during the fiat/crypto conversion process which usually takes just a couple of minutes.

Purchase transactions may be provided through either Prime Trust (Flow A) or Stably (Flow B)—whoever has better market rates. USD funds for Flow A transactions are exchanged directly for digital assets and disbursed to the user’s wallet by Prime Trust. USD funds for Flow B transactions are first converted to USDS via Prime Trust, then exchanged for digital assets and disbursed to the user’s wallet by Stably.

Sell transactions may be provided by either Prime Trust (Flow X) or LI.FI (Flow Y), a cross-chain bridge and decentralized exchange aggregator—whoever has better market rates. Digital assets for Flow X transactions are exchanged directly for USD and disbursed to the user’s bank account by Prime Trust. Digital assets for Flow Y transactions are first exchanged for USDS via LI.FI, then converted to USD and disbursed to the user’s bank account by Prime Trust.

USD funds are held by Prime Trust at multiple FDIC-insured custodian banks for the benefit of Stably users and USDS token holders. For more information about Prime Trust’s fiat custody practices and banking relationships, click here.

Digital assets are held by Prime Trust for the benefit of Stably users in cold storage wallets provided through Fireblocks, a US-based MSB and MPC wallet provider for institutions. Digital assets are not FDIC-insured.

What Are Your Business Hours?

You can use Stably products 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our support staff is available from 9 AM - 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (excluding bank holidays).


To learn more about Stably, visit our website.

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