What is Stably USD?
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What is Stably USD (USDS)?

Stably USD (also known as โ€œStably Dollarโ€ or โ€œUSDSโ€) is a multichain stablecoin fully backed with liquid USD collateral assets such as cash, cash equivalents, and/or stablecoins. The collateral assets are held by Bridge and/or Stably for the benefit of verified USDS token holders. Every USDS token may be minted/redeemed 1-to-1 with USD or USDC through a Stably Ramp.

Asset Details:


Stably recognizes that stablecoins require a high standard of public transparency for consumers and businesses to build trust. As a result, we have engaged with a leading stablecoin attestor, The Network Firm, to conduct monthly attestations and verify that the entire supply of issued tokens is consistent with collateral assets held by our regulated partner, Bridge.xyz. All fiat funds are held in FDIC-insured bank deposits and/or money market securities.

The Network Firm conducts a new attestation for the previous month at the start of every month. Every attestation that has been published since the launch of USDS can be viewed below. Prior to working with The Network Firm (Feb 2023), attestation services were provided by Cohen & Co.


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